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So for whatever reason I have William Shatner’s most famous line stuck in my head.

For y’all not familiar with anything Star Trek-related, in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Captain (ahem, Admiral) Kirk finds himself marooned on a planet by the crazed, genetically enhanced madman Khan, trapped with an ex-lover (Dr. Carol Marcus), a son that hates him (Dr. David Marcus), a crotchety doctor (Dr. McCoy), a guy who speaks shitty Russian (Chekov), some random captain (Capt. Terrell of the Reliant), and zero contact with the outside world, or his beloved Enterprise. After Capt. Terrell decides to vaporize himself, rather than kill Kirk, and after McCoy, exercising admiral marksmanship, obliterates a worm sitting about three inches from Chekov’s head (that had just crawled out of his ear), our intrepid admiral grabs Terrell’s wristwatch/walkie-talkie thingy and begins a tirade against Khan, calling him a bloodsucker and telling him that if he wanted him dead, he’d have to come down to Hole In Rock and do it himself. Well, Khan decides he’s done worse, and declares his intention to blow a half-crippled Enterprise (rendered that way due to a sneak attack because they had no clue Khan had seized control of Reliant, which was far smaller than Enterprise) into pieces and leave him marooned on a useless planet, just like Kirk had done to him fifteen years earlier (see also Star Trek episode “Space Seed”).

Cue angry, distorted William Shatner face and the iconic scream which is the title of this post:

Priceless. Absolutely priceless. As a spoiler, Kirk makes it out, Enterprise gains the upper hand by swimming through some conveniently placed nebula, attacks Reliant, Khan dies, new planet forms (Khan detonated a planet-creating device), and Spock dies–setting the stage for Star Trek III.


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