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And on a totally random note. . .

So as I like to say, you can take the Sailor out of the Navy, but you can’t take the Navy out of the Sailor. It’s with this in mind that I check the Navy website religiously.

Back up a little: On my first deployment, I was assigned to a F-14 squadron that deployed with USS Constellation out of San Diego. (We were actually based in Virginia Beach) Our air wing had a chaplain, a fellow named Paul Tremblay. Nice guy, took his job seriously, loved the ministry, loved the Navy, actually I don’t think there was anything he DIDN’T love. Anyways, I always looked forward to crossing paths with him–which was all the time; I doubt he knew what a chair looked like because he was ALWAYS doing something. Anyways, as with most chaplains, the conversation was varied: religion, baseball, deployment, family, sodas, you name it. I knew a lot of great officers in the Navy but aside from one of my division officers none of them could hold a candle to Chaplain Tremblay in terms of personality and approachability–he cared more about the cross on his left collar, not the two silver bars on his right.

Fast forward to today. I read that Chaplain Tremblay has been selected for promotion to Commander in the Chaplain Corps. Wherever you are, sir, congratulations!


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